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All of our promotion has been based on the fact that our Comfort-Flow Ortho Dog Bed virtually eliminates pressure points and as a result reduces pain and provides your dog with a better night’s sleep. This is a wonderful claim but can we prove it?

We just invested in a pressure mapping test. This test measures pressure points and here is what happened.

We first placed a weight on the actual pressure pad and recorded the results which were recorded both in numeric form as PSI values and visual form. We then placed the same weight on a typical orthopedic dog bed sold in stores today. In other words we placed the weight on a piece of memory foam. The test showed some diffusion of the weight but the pressure was still there and the PSI values were strikingly similar to the results mapped with the weight simply on the pressure pad alone.

We then placed the same weight on the Comfort-Flow Ortho Dog Bed and the pressure pad barely showed any weight at all. In fact the PSI was barely measurable.

This is all on video and will be posted soon. Our Video expert expects to have the video ready for release by the end of this week.

So yes we make some revolutionary claims but now we can prove it. Check out our bed. It is the real deal and if you are your dogs best friend, buy them a wonderful Christmas Present, get them a Comfort-Flow Ortho Dog Bed today.


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