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Comfort Flow, Inc.

Relieve pressure points and pain from sitting with our patented Geometric Flow Technology...

Comfort Flow, Inc. is a health-conscious company with a product that will reduce or eliminate pressure points that cause aches and pains that come from sitting. Our Geometric Flow technology is a patented cushion insert specially designed to bring comfort and relaxation to people who have to spend most, or all of their day sitting down. Aches, pains, the pain of hemorrhoids, reduced blood flow, and other sitting-related issues will be greatly reduced, and sometimes eliminated entirely, with our patented technology.


We have made it our goal to bring you pain relief so your day can be happier, healthier and an all-around better experience. From driving to work, sitting all day at a desk, driving home, and finally finishing the day on the couch, there are a lot of opportunities for sitting-related problems to arise.


Companies attempt to produce chairs that are more comfortable and provide better support. However, these only work on some people, and some designs don’t work at all. Our Comfort Flow cushion is designed and tested to reduce the problems associated with sitting for a long time. We have made it our goal to reduce sitting pains and sores, and our technology is proven to do just that.

Those problems can range from basic aches and pains to chronic back pain and even hemorrhoids.


Our patented Geometric Flow technology uses a bladder system to control the flow of fluid inside the cushion. This spreads vertical pressure into horizontal pressure, so that sitting stays comfortable, no matter how long you’re there.

This relieves pressure and helps you stay painless for however long you might be sitting. We are the only company that offers this unique, proven technology.


If you’re a truck driver, commuter, office worker, or constrained to a wheelchair, you’ve experienced long, often painful hours of sitting.

Just as our pet beds help reduce hip dysplasia and arthritic pain for older animals, our Comfort Flow cushions will help reduce pain for you.

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