The revolutionary Orthopedic Dog Bed has features never before used in pet beds. Our orthopedic dog beds actually equalizes pressure to reduce pressure points giving your dog the ultimate rest and support. Our Dog Beds are made to eliminate painful pressure points.
Comfort flow ortho dog bed uses a patent pending technology to “Float” your dog. And unlike all the other ortho dog beds on the market today, this bed has an inner cover, two layers of foam and the Geometric Support Pad. We have this Orthopedic Dog Beds for large dogs and small dogs. You can also order an Extra Exterior Cover so you always have a clean cover for bed.
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You have to match the right bed size to your dog’s size and his weight. Keep in mind that dogs spend many hours of the day in their resting areas, so they deserve comfort. Make sure that your small dog rests in a bed in a comfortable manner where his/her limbs remain inside the bed and there’s enough space for him/her. As your dog rests well, he/she gets a deeper level of sleep, and that helps him/her stay active and happy during the day.

We launched our No Inventory program for veterinarians, groomers and small retail stores at the Tennessee Veterinarian Conference to day in Nashville. The program was exceedingly well received with more than 25 joining. The conference lasts thru tomorrow and more success expected then. Check out all of our programs as this pet bed is catching on very fast. Thanks for all of your support

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