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Comfort Flow, Inc. was founded by executives from a non pet industry. These founders have long histories of business start ups and business success. Using solid business principles and focus, Comfort Flow, Inc. was founded.

All being pet lovers, they used technology they had developed previously for the automotive industry which seemed to have relevance to aging dogs. By reverse engineering this technology, they were able to design and manufacture a means to help animals with hip and joint discomfort as well as healthy pets who just want a comfortable pet bed.


Here is the press release on opening day of our manufacturing facility, this explains ABOUT US.


Sevierville, TN   December 2nd, 2011

Comfort Flow, Inc., ( of Sevierville, TN has just introduced the first truly orthopedic and therapeutic dog bed with Patented Geometric Flow Technology.


The Comfort-Flow Orthopedic Pet Bed is the first Patented Pet Bed to provide your dog with a comfortable and therapeutic place to rest.  The phrase “Not just another foam pet bed” is especially significant because most “ortho” pet beds rely on a thick piece of memory foam for their bed.  This is a great start for a pet bed but “just foam” fails to deliver relief for the primary problem, pressure points.  The Comfort-Flow Orthopedic Pet Bed provides both an orthopedic and therapeutic comfort level through our Patented Geometric Flow Technology.  This Geometric Support Pad is nestled between two layers of the highest quality memory foam.  Weight placed on the Comfort-Flow Orthopedic Pet Bed is distributed across the bed which equalizes pressure and eliminates pressure points. 


The good news does not stop there! Other uses are in the proto-type stage with Patent Pending status for truck seats with features to not only reduce or eliminate back and joint pain, but also reduce the pain of hemorrhoids. Office seating, wheel chair seating and several other products are soon to be on the production line.


Have you ever watched a dog move around on the bed after they have lain down?  The reason is either they are to hot or uncomfortable.  The Comfort-Flow Orthopedic Pet Bed addresses both of these problems. 


Too hot – Just having a thick piece of foam for the pet to lie on will not work for long because the pet sinks down into the foam.  The pet already has a fur coat on and now you are wrapping half of the pet’s body in foam insulation….of course the pet is going to be hot and by necessity move to cool down.


Uncomfortable – Pets many times like to lay on the floor or ground to cool themselves.  However, those relatively hard surfaces are lousy places to lay for long.  Body parts in contact with the hard surface create pressure points that cause pain and discomfort, hence the reason why our pets move around.


The Comfort-Flow Orthopedic Pet Bed answers both of these problems.  


#1 – There is a thin layer of foam over our Patent Pending Geometric Flow Pad to provide support, but not enough for the pet to “sink” down into; the weight is distributed over the surface of the Geometric Flow Pad and pressure points are virtually eliminated.


#2 – The Geometric Flow Pad is liquid filled to provide a therapeutic cooling effect to the pet thus allowing the pet to rest longer in the same position.  Rest translates to less stress and a more relaxed & comfortable experience for your pet.


One of our clients, located in Alaska stated, “It was the first time my dog laid still all night” 


When you combine the Patented features of the Comfort Flow Orthopedic Pet Bed with: 1) an inner cover for moisture and odor protection,  2) a removable, zippered and washable faux suede outer cover that has 3) a non skid bottom; you have the most consumer friendly & functional Pet Bed on the market.  In addition the Comfort-Flow Orthopedic Pet  Bed is being manufactured and assembled in Sevierville, TN, USA. 

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