Gift a Bed to your Dog or Gift it for a friend’s Dog.
This Orthopedic Dog Bed designed to reduce pressure points & maximize comfort.

About Us

Comfort Flow, Inc. was founded by executives from a non pet industry.


The revolutionary Orthopedic Dog Bed has features never before used in

Comfort Flow vs Form

Comparison between comfort flow bed and a form based pet bed.

Introduction to

Orthopedic Dog Beds

The Comfort-Flow system with the Patent Pending “GeometricFlow” technology equalizes the pressure points to promote a pain-free restful sleep. No other orthopedic dog beds in the market incorporates this technology nor provides this level of comfort.

  • How to Save Money When Buying Orthopedic Dog Beds

    When buying an orthopedic dog bed for large dogs or small dogs, it is very important to ensure that you save money in the process. Simply said, a dog is an important part of your family but it won’t actually recognize the wood used to make the bed. In fact, it is usually hard to explain to some new pet dog owners of the need to have...

  • Taking Care of your Orthopedic Dog Bed

    Buying an Orthopedic dog bed is one thing that you can do for your dog to show your appreciation. If you love your dog as you always display in public you need to ensure that the dog is well fed, well-guarded and generally well taken care of. If you fail to do this, then you are actually living in denial and in hypocrisy. Therefore, after buying a...

  • Why Comfort Flow Should Be your Dog Bed Partner

    As a new report put it, more than 50% of Americans have owned a pet in their entire lives. The benefits of owning a pet are very many. For instance, a pet dog does not only make a house a fun place to be in, but it also provides the most needed security in the household. When a pet dog dies, the emotional disturbance to the owner...

Unique Features

  • Ultra soft and comfortable, removable and washable faux suede cover
  • Our Moisture resistant, zippered interior pad cover protects the memory foam from pet accidents, odors and normal soiling. How many other beds have this feature?
  • Our Patent Pending Comfort Flow Geometric Support Pad equalizes the pressure under your pet.
  • The Geometric pad is situated between two layers of the finest memory foam on the market for ultimate comfort
  • The bottom surface features the highest quality non-skid material to avoid pet injuries

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