Comfort Flow, Inc.
Comfort Flow, Inc.

Geometric Flow Technology

   This is not just a picture of a handsome pet resting, it represents a revolutionary breakthrough in comfort, pain relief and relaxation.

   Within the pet bed is the patented Geometric Flow Technology. This fluid filled bladder sealed in a patented geometic pattern. When a force is exerted such as sitting, laying etc. the  fluid is forced to flow threw that geometric pattern which then converts vertical force into horizontal force and reduces or eliminates pressure points. 

    The good news is that this is not just about pets. We have proto types and patent pending status on this same technology for wheel chair seats, truck seats, office seating and many other uses. We are currently preparing to launch this company into all of these areas.



It is all about pressure points. Pressure points cause pain and discomfort. So eliminate them !!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome to COMFORT FLOW.

All of the medical industry knows that pressure points cause bed sores, sleep issues, help cause hemorrhoids, back pain, hip and joint pain and reduce quality sleep. However, up until now we were unable to avoid them. But because of this new technology, these problems can be reduced or eliminated. Watch the video and see for yourself.

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